Hi, my name is Marija and I am running this small business. My aim is to connect art to everyday life through things that we all use or surround ourselves with on a daily basis and do it in such a way that most certainly keeps our planet a little cleaner and safer. Here you can find various items – from minimalist line art digital downloads to the things we all use on a daily basis. Sharing is caring, so I am sure you will also find something for your special people.

Art has always been a huge part of people’s lives and that is for a reason. Everyone needs a little something that would make their soul a little happier and at least a tiny bit brighter. The times we live in are hectic and even chaotic sometimes so why not balance this energy with calmness, light, and… maybe with an unostentatious piece of happiness?

At least that is what ArtMorfic was established for and that is the operating philosophy of this business. It is my strong belief that conscious consumption is e a must these days so this online store operates based on the Print-on-Demand principle, which means the retailer company would produce your chosen items ONLY when you decide to purchase them. This way the production would not require a lot of electricity consumption and there will not be any additional or unnecessary waste. Let’s make things easier for this planet and all of us.

I really hope here you find something comforting and heart-warming for yourself or your loved ones and your world will become brighter ever since!


If you have any issues or queries regarding ArtMorfic services,
feel free to contact us.

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