The Art of Choosing the Best Gift

It all comes to the same simple truth – we should pay more attention to the people we surround ourselves with.

Oftentimes our attention goes to the things and conversations that may seem important at that particular moment but will fade into non-existence with time.

While those other little things and people surrounding us might have played a bigger role in the play of life.

So what are those important things when it comes to choosing a perfect gift?

Habits and attitude

Notice what they love to do. Are they outgoing and sporty, spending every minute in action be it in a gym or a hike? Maybe their urge to travel to unknown places is so huge, they barely stay in one place and spend most of their time exploring various places and activities.
Or maybe they prefer to stay in their cozy home under a soft blanket surrounded by a pile of pillows with a book in one hand and a cup of coffee in another?
These characters are so different that you wouldn’t want to give them the same gift, right?

Color is something that could help you with your choice too. Of course, it’s better to know the preferences of the person, but what if you don’t know them that well?

There are some cliche color palettes that designers use for different types of characters. In case you are dealing with someone active and energetic, it is better to choose from vibrant and bright colors like orange, red, green, yellow, etc. On the other hand, for a calm introvert, you would want to choose something from more neutral pastel colors like beige, gray, mint green, etc.


Notice what they do during their leisure time. Sometimes hobbies can mean more to them than their daily routine activities. Did they mention that weekend when they went fishing and thought it was the best time of their life? Or maybe they just disappeared at some point and then came back with a huge painting and a smile on their face? Those hints are just invaluable when it comes to your choice of a present!


When you don’t have any other choice and you know only one side of their life, choose something having to do with their main job. While many people these days hate their job, who knows, maybe they are that lucky person who loves what they do. In either case, that would be something that they would use and the present will be meaningful to them.

Gender and Age

Studies have shown that even in these times when gifts become more and more gender-neutral, most jewelry, ornaments, and beauty-related products are being given to females, while most of the tools and sports equipment were given to males.
Moreover, things of the same category may differ depending on age. So choose carefully when you are trying to please people of the transitional age.


This is something I have always been standing for! The main point is to make a person wow and feel their own uniqueness. Don’t we all deserve to be reminded about our own uniqueness once in a while?

Gifting is also a way of communication so use it as a tool to support and cheer another human being!


Of course, any life even matters and you cannot ignore the fact of welcoming a new baby to the family or acknowledging the importance of your child’s wedding day. The gift should vibe on the same frequency with your heart and you can’t go wrong with it!

Learn the Art of Gifting

Remember that feeling when you see the joy of a person who screams how awesome their present is? Want to see that more frequently? Do not buy the last-minute-something, spend time thinking about the person you want to make happy. It doesn’t require a lot of your time and energy but could become really something special for the person you care about. Share your soul and you’ll succeed.

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