This section is filled with the questions you may want to ask, so if you cannot find the answer please contact us!


  • Can I personalize the item I want to purchase?

    Yes. There’s an option to add your own text to some of the items already. If you cannot see that PERSONALIZE! button, you can contact us by writing to [email protected] and we’ll try to help you with that. However, keep in mind that customization is not possible for all items in the shop.

  • I click personalize button but get an error message.

    Try choosing the needed variation (size, color, etc.) of the product first and then click PERSONALIZE! button again. That should take you to another window where you can customize the design.

  • How long will it take before I get the item I've purchased?

    Usually, it takes 3 to 6 days after fulfillment. However, it also depends on the destination and time of the year. As you know December is quite a busy month for everyone, including post offices and couriers. Make sure you get your presents before time so that there’s no rush and unnecessary stress right before the Holidays!

  • Why do I see two shipping listings during the checkout?

    As all products of this website are fulfilled by several retailers and shipped from different manufacturers, there may be two or more shippings added, depending on the items you’ve chosen and the country of destination. Every retailer is choosing the closest manufacturer to your place so the best option is chosen automatically. Additionally, there may be an option to choose Express Shipping and it will be shown to you whenever it is available.


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