How to Choose the Best Pillow and Duvet

Pillows and Duvets Matter!

On average, a common human being spends around one-third of their lifetime sleeping. We all want this time to be as comfortable as possible. A night of quality sleep is more important than you may think!

The main reasons to improve your sleeping conditions are:

  • Your immune system gets a nice boost so you get sick less;
  • It is easier to maintain a healthy weight;
  • Lower your risk for serious health problems, like diabetes and heart disease;
  • Improve your mental health and reduce stress ( no more mood-swings!);
  • Become clear-minded and help your brain function better (yes, that means fewer injuries and bad decisions!);
  • By getting rid of fogginess you start to get along with others better.

Isn’t that enough to think about improving your sleeping conditions?

If you want to wake up cheerful and rested choose your pillows and duvets carefully!

Good to know that there are two types of pillow and duvet filler – from organic feathers to hypoallergenic polyester. In some cases, there’s a mixed type stuffing that combines those two and makes a nice match of comfort, support, and longevity.

Which Pillow or Blanket Fabrics and Fillers to Choose?

The most popular fabrics and fillers for pillows and duvets are:

  • Feathers: soft and resilient. The more feathers, the firmer and more comfortable pillow it will be;
  • Memory foam and latex: extremely convenient as it adapts to your body lines which makes it a perfect pillow to rest on. These are also called anatomical pillows;
  • Down: quite similar to feathers, but much lighter and softer;
  • Buckwheat hull (pillow filler): eco-friendly, firm, and breathable. Great for support, adapts to your body contour, and resilient. However, some can find it too firm to sleep on!
  • Wool: warm with excellent air permeability. Best choice if you want to use it both in winter and summer. Duvets with sheep wool filling are a little heavier. They are suitable for those who like thicker and heavier duvets. Alpaca wool blankets are higher quality and warmer than sheep wool. So by purchasing an alpaca wool blanket, you will be able to enjoy it for much longer;
  • Kapok: a cotton-like fluffy material produced by a tropical tree (ceiba pentandra) Soft and lightweight, eco-friendly and potentially hypoallergenic;
  • Cotton: ensures stability and support during your sweet night sleep;
  • Silk: light and soft. Regulates body temperature and has a nice hypoallergenic effect;
  • Microbeads: uniform polymer particles used for pillows from a material called polystyrene. Breathable, moldable, and very lightweight, however, lose their volume very quickly and are also not too good for the environment;
  • Polyester fiberfill: a synthetic filler, one of the most popular among people with allergies to dust and dust mites. Versatile, easy to clean, and lightweight so suitable for everyone.

Think thoroughly when choosing which is the best for you – firm or soft, heavy or lightweight?

So What Pillow Should You Choose?

If you prefer to sleep on a side or your back, there’s no doubt that an anatomical pillow is your best choice! Only these helpers can adjust to your body lines and reduce any risk of neck pain.
In case you sleep on your belly or change your body posture quite often during sleep, it is best to choose flatter and softer pillows.

Duvets that will ensure a comfortable and sweet sleep any season!

We are all so different, that also applies to our choice of duvets and blankets. What kind of sleeper are you? Always cold and needing more and more layers of blankets or do you always feel like your duvet is too warm for you? Actually, there are three types and the third one is somewhere between those two.

Before buying a duvet it is better to find out its tog rating. The tog scale ranges from 1 tog (the coolest) to 15 tog (the warmest). For summer and warm sleepers, the 7-7 tog duvets are the best. If you like to keep yourself warm any season get yourself a 10-15 tog duvet and forget about the cold! You may want to consider buying a 10 tog duvet as it is the best choice all year long.

Do not think that the weight of your duvet is the same as a tog rating! Even the lightest blanket can be warm enough to keep you comfortable in winter.

Hope these practical hints and suggestions were helpful and now you are on your way to buying the best pillows, duvet, or blanket for your cozy homes and sweet night sleep!

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